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In today’s heavily managed healthcare environment, emphasis on account management is vital for medical practices. The challenge to maximize revenues while maintaining positive patient and payor relations requires full-time, expert attention.

Our primary focus is managing the medical account needs of neonatology practices. However, we also offer account management for perinatology.


Medical Account Management Solutions, LLC (MAMSSM) is a full service billing and account management service. We are a physician-owned MSO that is the natural outgrowth of a successful neonatology practice.

New arrangements?

Since you are visiting our website, you may be unhappy with the effectiveness of your current account receivable management. Perhaps you are a hospital-employed physician considering becoming independent. Either way, you have come to the right place because we can help.

Why Choose MAMS for Your Account Management?

  • Our systems are state-of-the-art and recognized among the leaders in medical  billing systems.
  • We have a highly experienced and bonded staff skilled in the billing and coding  intricacies of each specialty.
  • Each client receives a dedicated account manager who handles accounts from  beginning to end.
  • Our consistent follow-up results in a steady cash flow.
  • There is no lost staff productivity due to illness, vacations, turnover, etc. Your  accounts are monitored on a regular schedule and never neglected.
  • Your office staff is less stressed with no hassles of patient and payor account  follow-up so you should see staff productivity increase.

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